3 Ideas for Open Ended Halloween Themed Play!

3 Ideas for Open Ended Halloween Themed Play!

It is fall! That means it is practically time for Halloween! 

I am sucker for all kids toys, sensory play, and holidays. If it is themed to a holiday and it involves sensory play I want it! Are you the same way? The holidays just get me and I love it all! 

Here are 3 new Halloween toy bundles you can buy for the kids in your life that makes Halloween themed play so easy!

1. Halloween Sensory Cauldron Kit

This kit is pretty much the cutest! When you purchase it you will get:

1 - 6" real cast iron Cauldron
1- Wooden Spoon for stirring
1 - Metal funnel
3 - plastic potion bottles
Just think of all the Halloween Potion fun that will happen with this kit! Use dry ice to make it bubble and play halloween music to add ambiance. You could color the water in the cauldron purple or green! You could even set up jars with different colors of water and let them "brew" their own potion in their cauldron. Add in nature elements if you want! Or add in Halloween confetti and plastic spiders. The options are endless! Watch and see what your little Halloween loving babe comes up with! 

2. Tinker Totter Monsters

These darling wooden creatures are sure to capture the imagination of your babe! There are 5 monsters total and the best part is that you can pull them apart and mix and match them to make your own monster!  The open ended play is amazing.
Children love them because it is fun, creative, and easily manipulated. My 3 year old loves to pull the pieces apart and build a toy hammer for the monsters. My 5 year old loves to pull them apart and rebuild her monsters to make a monster family. 
Moms love them because they require no effort to set up and are so easy to clean up! They are perfect for that afternoon lull where kids are tired, mom is making dinner, it is close to bedtime but not quite there yet, and you need something to entire the kids. Or, that time when you need some time to sit be drink your morning coffee while it is hot! They are perfect for independent creative play! These monsters promote fine motor skills as well as imaginative play. These monsters are a win for everyone!

3. Halloween Sensory Filler Play Kit

Let's make sensory play as easy as possible! And that is what this kit does! It gives you all the filler you need for a fun and cute sensory set up! The kit includes:
5oz bag of black beans
5oz bag of black eyed peas
3oz bag of red (orange) lentils
3oz bag of green split peas
small bag of Halloween confetti
Wooden Haul-All Tote to carry it all in
Add these cute Halloween themed beans to your sensory play! Add in a scoop, bowls, jack o lanterns, spiders, pumpkins, whatever you want! Then you have the easiest sensory set up ever! 
The Haul-All Tote is our creation and you won't find it anywhere else! Use it for your sensory play, store your Tinker totter monsters in it, take it outside and put flowers for your front porch in it. Fill it with candy on your mantel. Or, use it for passing out candy on Halloween Night. It is just too cute and perfect for so many things! 
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