About Us

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We are a family owned and ran business!

Annalise and Ryan are the parents to 3 kids who would rather be outside in the backyard and garden than just about anywhere else. William (the engineering uncle) helps with the designs. Papa Jeff (grandfather) and Ryan help with the construction as do several local teens. Annalise provides leadership, inspiration, and does everything else.

In the Spring of 2020 our daughter’s water table broke. She decided she needed an upgrade and asked for a play kitchen for her birthday.

My husband and I wanted to get our kids out of the house and having their own adventures! I knew my girls loved playing in the water, I knew they wanted more space to play, and I knew I wanted something different!

Cue the light bulb moment! MUD KITCHENS. After searching and searching we couldn’t find one that I wanted, so we built our own.

Our mud kitchens and outdoor toys are made of real wood. We hand craft them in California, home of the golden poppy!