Fall and Thanksgiving Sensory Bin

Fall and Thanksgiving Sensory Bin

I love seasonal sensory bins! Sometimes they seem like the easiest invitation to play. The theme is already chosen for you so all you need to do is find some items to add to your bin.

Choose your base. We used white beans this time but we love other colors beans, rice, pasta, sand, kinetic sand, etc. 

Then I wandered around Hobby Lobby and found some darling items I knew would perfect for a sensory set up in our sensory table! They had mini corn, pinecones, pumpkins, leaves, and acorns. I had to get them all! One thing I have learned is that you just need to get it when you see it because chances are it will be gone when you go back! 

I added them to our sensory table bin and it was a hit! I love our sensory table that our sensory table has lot of space for play! There is room for all sorts of creativity while still giving bin space to help contain the play. I also love that they can be made for inside or outside!

Click HERE to get your sensory table! 

My babes ended up turning their sensory play into a thanksgiving dinner and they even invited Grandma to come partake of their creations! They kept adding their own toys and additions and I loved it! It always so fun to see a child's creativity take over!

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