Plastic 2 Sink Mud Kitchen for outdoor sensory and educational play

Mud Kitchen Sinks

There are so many options for a sink in your mud kitchen!! You could use a real kitchen sink, stainless steel, glass, porcelain, sinks that drain and sinks that don't. You could use a small RV sink, you can use storage bins. The options for size and material are endless. You could literally use anything that holds water!

Here at Wood N Poppy we have 2 types of sinks. Plastic and stainless steel. 


mud kitchen with Ikea Trofast bin sinks for water play

We love our plastic sinks. They are the Trofast bins from Ikea. This means that your mud kitchen will fit all of the Trofast sizes that Ikea has to offer!! You can switch out the long rectangle bin that we send with your mud kitchen and put in two smaller ones. You can switch out our standard depth for the deeper Trofast option that Ikea has. They will also fit all of the Trofast bin inserts you can find from etsy and other small shops. 

Here are some of our favorite small shops for Trofast bin inserts:

The Creative Learning Co.

Piglet In Bloom

LiviLu Creative

Sensory Education Co

Some things to keep in mind when choosing the plastic bin. They are plastic so there may be some environmental impacts with that. They might break if they are thrown or stepped on. We have never had one break or crack but that is always a possibility. They are light so they are easy to move around and change in and out. 



We love our stainless steel bins! They are extremely durable and will last you forever! They provide such a clean and sleek finish to your mud kitchen. They are the industry standard size for a 1/2 pan which makes them incredibly easy to replace if you ever need to. They are easy to clean out and won't get dingy after lots of use. 


Some things to keep in mind when choosing a stainless steel bin: They may get very hot in direct sunlight. Keep that in mind when you are placing your mud kitchen. Be sure to protect your babes from getting burned. They are steel so if plastic is a concern for you then these are the perfect option!
Due to sizing our plastic bins and stainless steel bins are not interchange able.
Which bin do you prefer?! Leave us a comment below! 


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