25 Mud Kitchen Play Ideas For All Ages

25 Mud Kitchen Play Ideas For All Ages


The beauty of a mud kitchen is that it is perfect for imaginative play! Fill it up with water and let your child do the rest. After a few days, weeks, probably even months, they might get bored of water and then what?! Here some fun ideas you can incorporate into your babe's mud kitchen play to help spark their own creativity and imagination. 

  1. Add sand. Water and sand are very fun sensory play. You could even add some shells and make it a beach sensory bin!
  2. Use kinetic sand and add in some mini gardening tools. Let them pretend they are gardening. 
  3. In the spring turn your mud kitchen into a potting bench! Let them plant some seeds and learn how to care for them. 
  4. Give them some dirt and water!! Let them make mud! It is a mud kitchen after all.
  5. Add some washable paint to the water and give it a stir. Now your kids have colored water! You would be surprised at how such a simple change can spark so much creativity!
  6. Add in some sensory stones.
  7. Give them some plastic dishes from the dollar store. They can play house or restaurant!
  8. Use a magnetic fishing pole and fish and let them go fishing. 
  9. Add slime! Slime in the house might not be your favorite but slime in the mud kitchen helps eliminate so much mess! 
  10. Make Oobleck! It is so easy to clean up and kids love playing in the new and different texture.
  11. Add some trucks or farm animals to mud and give your babes a clean water bin. Now they can wash their trucks or animals and make them all clean again. 
  12. Make some bubble foam! It is perfect for playing while also getting their mud kitchen toys cleaned up. 
  13. Add some pots and pans to your mud kitchen toys and let them make you some "soup".
  14. Add an oven! Buy one of our ovens to add to your mud kitchen and now your babes can bake all the muddy treats they want! 
  15. Have your babe collect some nature and add to their play. Sticks, rocks, flowers, pinecones, etc. 
  16. Add dirt and sticks to make fairy house in your mud kitchen sink. 
  17. Freeze some flowers, or add them fresh, and let them make their own "perfume".
  18. You can also use frozen or fresh flowers for flower potions! 
  19. Invite some friends over a play date and give them some water! It will be like a whole new mud kitchen again. Don't forget to tell the other mama that the kids might get messy.
  20. Add some dinos and sticks to dirt in create a dinosaur small world play. 
  21. Put some bath bombs in the water for some fun fizzy play! 
  22. Give them some colored water and bath bombs to make their own secret recipes. 
  23. Dye some water black and add some star glitter to make a space small world play. 
  24. Use magnetic letters and a magnetic fishing pole to go fishing for letters! Bonus: it helps them learn letter recognition! 
  25. Hide treasures in rice and let them dig for buried treasure. 

The versatility of a mud kitchen is endless! There are so many fun play ideas you can do! If you try one of these tag us! @woodnpoppy We would love to see! 

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