Role Play Ideas For Your Outdoor Mud Kitchen

Role Play Ideas For Your Outdoor Mud Kitchen

Ideas for playing in a mud kitchen are endless! Your child's imagination will quickly take over and they will be making up and playing their own games in no time! 

If they are struggling to get started, here a 5 fun role playing ideas they can incorporate into their mud kitchen play. 

  1. "House" or as my girls call it "Family" - let your babes decide who they want to be. Are they parents, siblings, a baby? The mud kitchen can act as the center of their family home!

  2. "Abandon" - my babes and the neighbors made up a game where they were all abandoned children and had to fend for themselves. The mud kitchen ended up being the kitchen they built in their hide away fort. 

  3. "Restaurant" - Let the kids make food for you! They can pretend they are the chef! Or, let them play among themselves and take turns ordering and making food. 

  4. "School" - someone could the teacher and others could the students. Their mud kitchen could act as the playground or the cafeteria for lunch and recess time! 

  5. "Garden" - Everyone loves a beautiful garden! Have your child pretend they are planting a garden. They can use the mud kitchen as a potting bench to plant flowers. Or, you could even use it to plant real flowers!

The ideas are endless. Sit back and watch your child play. You will be amazed at the ideas they come up with!

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