Green and redwood mud kitchen with shaving cream and water for sensory play

Shaving Cream Sensory Play in your Mud Kitchen

I don't know what it is about shaving cream but I feel like it just needs to be touched! Right?! It just looks so fun and inviting. Plus, kids are obsessed with it! 


Shaving cream + water = hours of open-ended independent and imaginative.

All you need to is fill one bin of your mud kitchen up with shaving cream, usually a whole can, and the other bin up with water. I will put out some dishes, spoons, or even hide toys inside the shaving cream and let them play. I promise their imaginations will take over and they will do all the work. 

As a mom of very busy littles I need an activity that will keep my babes' attention for a while so that I can get a break or get things done. Well, this is that activity. It never fails me. 


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