Painted green and Redwood mud kitchen set up in garden for outdoor imaginative play.

Three Easy Steps to Get Started with Your Mud Kitchen

Don't let the idea of getting started with a mud kitchen stress you out! It is so easy to get going. Follow these three simple steps and your babe will be playing outside for hours!

1. Set up your mud kitchen somewhere you won't mind a mess! 

The best part about mud kitchens is that they can get messy! You can fill them with anything you want and they will hose down when the playing is finished. When you set up your mud kitchen you want to make sure it is somewhere you don't mind dirt, water, spills, splashes, and messy playing. Consider putting it by a water source for easy filling and easy clean up. 

messy buddle play       

2. Add water

There are endless options for filler to put into your mud kitchen. Dirt, kinetic sand, regular sand, oobleck, beans, rice, and so many more. But water is our favorite! It is the easiest, most readily available, and least amount of effort from mom! Just add water and see what happens!

water play mud kitchen       


3. Add toys

Your babe will quickly find anything and everything they can use in their mud kitchen but it is a great idea to start them off with a few basics. Give them a spoon, spatula, some bowls, and maybe even a pitcher. We love to get our mud kitchens toys at the dollar store! They are perfect for messy, muddy, outdoor play. You can add in old pots and pans you don't use too!



You can also give them all sorts of figures like people, animals, and houses. You could even add in letters and numbers and turn their playing into learning without them even knowing it! We loved adding food color to our water, dumping in some magnetic fish, and add our magnetic letters. My babes went fishing and whenever they caught a letter we talked about it's name, the sound it makes, and words that start with it. They loved it because it was fun and I was playing with them. I loved it because it was simple for me to set up, we were learning as we went, and they were so happy. 

Setting up your mud kitchen is that easy!!

  1. Set it up somewhere you don't mind a mess
  2. Add water
  3. Add toys

Then, sit back, relax, enjoy the mom win, and watch your babes play, explore, and create all on their own, you will be surprised at what they come up with. 

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