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Mud Kitchen Cover

Mud Kitchen Cover

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- FREE storage bag included
- Waterproof to help protect your mud kitchen
- Includes Tie down clips for extra hold

This cover is perfect for your Wood N Poppy mud kitchen! Water, sun, and the natural elements cause outdoor wooden furniture to warp and decompose.  Use this cover to help protect your mud kitchen! Cover your mud kitchen during storms, winter, intense heat, or even just when your mud kitchen is not in use. 

The cover is:
● UV Resistant making it suitable for 4 seasons
● Waterproof with a water-resistant undercoating to keep your mud kitchen dry
● Wind-proof with a heavy-duty material

The cover includes: 
● A storage bag! Just toss your cover in this bag for easy storage 
● An air vent - the cover has air vents to allow moisture to air out and help prevent mold 
● Tie down straps - use these straps around the legs of the mud kitchen to hold the cover down so it won’t blow away. 
● Cinch ties - pull the cinch tie along the bottom of the cover to help hold it in place
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