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Side Table

Side Table

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Add more play space to your mud kitchen.  This is the perfect addition to allow room for more creativity.  Perhaps it is a restaurant counter or store window.  Let your child explore how they will use the extra space.  

We offer many options so that you can customize your side table.  

WOOD: Our side tables are made of pine and/or fir and come standard with a Knotty Pine countertop and bottom shelf.  You can upgrade the countertop and bottom shelf of your side table with Redwood or Clear Pine. 

Redwood has a glowing color with a straight grain that is gorgeous. It is naturally resistant to rot and insects. If is a soft wood which does dent easily but that just adds to its charm. Redwood can last up to 20 years without paint or other protective treatment. We recommend using redwood due to it's natural resistance to moisture, rot and insects.

Clear Pine is a light-colored softwood which contains many fewer knots and blemishes than Clear Pine.  The reduced number of knots make this wood more expense.   

Knotty Pine contains knots and natural wood defects. It has a causal outdoors feeling. Knotty Pine is much less expensive than Redwood or Clear Pine.

FINISHES:  We offer painted, stained, or unfinished side tables. 

Painted – Our painted side tables come in 3 colors:  Sky, sage or rose.  We use Behr Marquee exterior semi gloss enamel paint and primer.  Painting your kitchen provides the best protection from sun and water.  

Stained/Sealed –  This finish allows the natural beauty of the wood to shine through.  Wood stain does not stand up to the elements as well as paint. You will probably need to re-stain your mud kitchen every year.  

Unfinished - If you choose to purchase your side table natural and unfinished, we STRONGLY recommend that you protect the wood by applying quality exterior paint or stain/sealer of your choice. 

DELIVERY TIMES:  Each of our side tables is hand made to your order.  Please plan on 2 to 3 weeks from order to shipping.  Depending on your location, shipping can take an additional 5 to 7 days.  

ASSEMBLY: Your side table is shipped in 2 large pre-assembled pieces plus several individual pieces of wood. You will need to assemble our kitchen using a hand or power screwdriver.  The total time to assemble the kitchen is about 30 minutes.  All hardware is included.

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